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What Is Scene Studio?

Scene Studio is an advanced acting program in Austin, TX designed for actors and actresses looking to pursue a career in the film industry. We offer 12 week session classes three times a year: Spring, Summer and Fall. Our goal is to make actors and actresses confidant in their acting ability, provide materials for demo reels and help them to network with other actors and actresses as well as professionals within the film industry.
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Classes Have been temporarily suspended

Due to COVID restrictions and it being difficult to film with actors and actresses 6 feet apart, we are taking a temporary hitaus until restrictions have been lifted. Until then, enjoy this image of a snow covered rock. You’re welcome.
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"Love them!!! We rep many people who are students, and we find a lot of great talent there as well!"
Michale Pruet
Actors Clearinghouse
"This is a really exceptional way to learn by doing, and gives you a lot of bang for your buck. I highly recommend it"
Trent Moore
The Dynamic Actor
"My daughter absolutely loved taking classes at Scene Studio...The teachers are top notch and deliver quality content. I highly recommend!"
Denise Kreps
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